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The green energy powering Glastonbury 2023

Glastonbury Festival will be run entirely by renewable energy this year.

All production areas will either be powered by electricity from “fossil fuel-free sources” or will run on solar panels and battery hybrid systems.

Generators will run on fuel made from waste cooking oil and Arcadia’s giant fire-breathing spider will also run entirely off recycled biofuels.

Organisers said “sustainability has always been at the heart” of the festival.

In 2010, the festival’s cowsheds were covered with enough solar panels to power 40 homes, making it the largest privately owned solar power station in the UK at the time.

The site has also welcomed a temporary new wind turbine in Williams Green to provide clean power to some market stalls, and solar energy is used to power the Farm and Festival offices.

Organisers said: “Our Green Fields have run on solar, wind and pedal power since 1984, setting a fossil-fuel free standard we’ve always aspired towards implementing across the festival.

“Since then we have been drawing on technological innovation to help reduce our use of fossil fuels and strive towards creating a festival that is as sustainable as possible.”

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