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Employer Encounters – The Primary School Careers Project well underway

The Somerset Careers Hub proudly announces the launch of Employer Encounters in its Primary Careers Programme, Start Small; Dream Big. This ground-breaking initiative in collaboration with The Careers and Enterprise Company, aims to inspire and guide young students toward a future of endless possibilities. We are currently recruiting local employers to volunteer and support schools on the programme with visits and workshop activities.

The ‘Start Small; Dream Big’ 12 months pilot programme started in September aimed at improving career related learning in primary schools in preparation for new statutory guidance. We have 53 Somerset (First, Primary, Middle and Special) schools involved across the region. The deadline to enrol has now passed but we hope to be able to engage more schools to focus on career related learning next year.

The Start Small; Dream Big Programme is a strategic move to bridge the gap between classroom learning and real-world application, and is designed to ignite the curiosity of young minds and instil a sense of aspiration from an early age. By partnering with local businesses, Start Small; Dream Big facilitates meaningful interactions that expose primary school students to various professions, fostering early career exploration.

The programme involves collaborative efforts between educators and the expertise of local businesses and professionals to create engaging and age-appropriate activities. From interactive workshops to workplace visits, students gain valuable insights into diverse career paths and igniting a passion for learning.

The Somerset Careers Hub expresses gratitude for the enthusiastic support of its local employers that have embraced this initiative, recognising the importance of investing in the development of future talent, and wishing to inspire and guide the next generation. Through these encounters, students can interact with professionals from various fields, asking questions and learning about the skills required for success.

As the programme rolls out, and more employer encounters unfold in primary schools across Somerset, it is anticipated that students will not only gain a clearer understanding of career options but also develop essential skills such as communication, teamwork, and problem-solving.

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