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Nexus 25

Nexus 25 is a 61 acre major development site for business and innovation, on the edge of the M5, near the A358 leading to Ilminster.

Site Size


61 acres

Planning status


Local Development Order



Coming Soon

Owned by Summerfield Developments, the site will provide a green campus setting with space for a variety of uses including research and development and high-quality offices, alongside light industrial units and warehouses providing a range of flexible premises suitable for many types of business.

Somerset County Council has constructed a new roundabout and access road from the site to the motorway. Tipped to be a major growth centre in the South West, Nexus will soon be home to a range of prestigious businesses serving national and international markets.

The site will provide a range of flexible accommodation for research and development, health, education and digital technology alongside high-quality office space, light industrial and warehouses. Designed as a Green Campus, the site will include landscaping to create an environment in line with Taunton’s new Garden Town status.