Invest Somerset

Why Somerset?

Talent Attraction

The future skills pipeline that your business needs and a location that attracts talent because of our extraordinary environment.

Somerset has the talent and skills to drive future business growth across a wide range of industries. Not only do we have a strong pipeline of quality people, we have the lifestyle assets to attract future talent.

School results regularly out-perform the national average, with outstanding schools including some of the leading independent schools in the country.

The new University Centre for Somerset furthers our educational offer. blending real world experiences with academic rigour, the University offers learning opportunities that are focussed on local skill requirements.

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Somerset’s location puts it on the doorstep of both Bristol and Exeter, giving employers in the district access to a huge pool of graduates from world class universities.

The region’s higher and further education assets work closely with local employers to ensure a highly qualified, future-ready workforce.

Our local talent pool is constantly enhanced by people being attracted to the region, with the South West consistently recording the highest rate of net-migration from elsewhere in the UK.